How to get from the airport.

From a bus stop School (Gastello st.) bus taxi: #117

To the Shchepkina st. (Preobrazhens'ka) Sadovaya, 17


How to get from the train / railway station.

From Privokzalnaya sq. take bus taxi: 221, 175, 185

To Soborna sq. (Sadovaya, 17)


How to get from the central bus station. 

From Bus Station take bus taxi:124

To L'va Tolstoho (Neginska) Sadovaya, 17

2 changes

From Bus Station bus:92,46

Tram: 5, 23

Bus taxi: 51, 84, 90,115

change  Privoz Market (Ekaterinens'ka St)

Bus: 68

Bus taxi:121,570,131,242,241

change  Hrets'ka St (Preobrazhens'ka St)

Bus: 166, 177

Bus taxi: 131, 223

To Soborna sq. (Sadovaya St)

Sadovaya St, 17